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Stars Dance for the Arts
January 21, 2017 
We are happy to share some images from Stars Dance for the Arts held January 21, 2017, at the Arts Center.

The results are in -- what a great night -- great dancing & and lots of fun energy!

Congratulations to all those who participated this year. We appreciate all the hard work and dedication. Your contribution of generous spirit and time benefits the Arts Center greatly!

MIRRORED BALL TROPHY: Lindsay King  and Alton Roberson

BEST COSTUME AWARD: Jennifer Bland  and Lee Albritton

PEOPLE's CHOICE AWARD: Ashely Perry Rudolph  and Nathan Perry

Judges Award (3-Way Tie):
Marilyn Rosenthal  and Cameron Beaman
Ashley Stucker  and RJ Smith
Ashley Andrews  and Dusk Stroud

We appreciate all those who attended, volunteered and participated in Stars Dance for the Arts 2017.

Thank you to Brandon Potter Photography for the photography. For more information about Brandon's studio, follow the link:


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