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Community Council for the Arts

Promoting the Arts:  Stars Dance for the Arts

February 9, 2019
Doors open 6:30 p.m.

THANK YOU to all our dancers for participating in our 7th Annual Stars Dance For The Arts  (SDFA)! It is a
star-studded, action-packed event hosted by Vickie Robinson and Wells Gulledge. SDFA 2019 will feature superstar couples dancing to generously raise funds for Kinston’s Community Council for the Arts. Each couple will perform an exciting and expertly choreographed dance. We appreciate the participation of these dancers and for their support!

MEET -- Simone Johnson & Jose Celsi Babosa

                                                       Simone Johnson

                                                       Dance Training: "No."

                                                       Education and Work Experience: Simone recently graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts Textiles. She will soon be an art teacher at Rochelle Middle School, currently substituting at that location.

                                                       Background & Interests: Simone was born and raised in So Paulo, Brazil, and before moving to New Bern, lived in Californina. Her favorite travel destination is Brazil, or "anywhere that has beaches and sun." She enjoys playing volleyball, running long distance, doing all sorts of fiber arts and painting, and spending fun time with her family.

Greatest Accomplishment To Date: "The upbringing of my children who are happy, healthy, great human beings."

What does Simone like about Lenoir County? "The friendly attitude and great opportunities for the arts."

What is Simone looking forward to by participating in this event? "I like to challenge myself. I am a shy person and dance is not my strong suit, but I figure I'll have fun and learn something new. I also wanted to support the Kinston Community Council for the Arts.

                                                         Jose Celsi Babosa 

                                                          Dance Training: 

                                                          Education and Work Experience: 

                                                          Background & Interests: 


What does Jose like about Lenoir County? 

What is Jose looking forward to by participating in this event? 
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