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Please consider us when considering your charitable giving. Your contributions are gladly accepted for support of general operations. We appreciate and depend on your continued support.

All artists and patrons of the arts, check out these Artist Opportunities at the Arts Center. Also included on this page are links to other artistic opportunities..

Community Council for the Arts
Board of Directors

  1. John McPhaul
    Ex-Officio President
  2. Steve Jefferson
  3. Trent Mooring
  4. Amanda Conner
  5. Martha Bishop
    Marketing Chairperson
  • Ben Harper
  • William Harvey, DDS
  • Francis Herring
  • Jeff Howard
  • Lindsay King
  • Fabrienne Kittrell
  • Ty Johnson
  • Madison Mauck
  • Marcia Perritt
  • Caroline Perry, DDS
  • Rev. Dr. Julian Pridgen
  • Charles Richberg
  • Sandy Smith
  • Annette Turik
  • Bruce Ziegler