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May 2019 Issue

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Community Council for the Arts
National Competitive Exhibition
38th Annual Exhibition & Show
February 21-April 6, 2019

NOW SHOWING — More than 170 Artworks of the CCA National Competitive Exhibition & Show 2019

  • Hampton Gallery  — The 38th Annual CCA National Competitive Exhibition — Juried Works
  • Minges & Rayner Galleries — Non-juried works
A reception was held February 21, 2019, sponsored by the Lenoir County Artist League & the Art Study Club.  The juror for this year's event was Chad Hughes from Chapel Hill area of North Carolina. (Read more about the Juror below.) The following artists were recognized and awarded prizes for their work:

  B est in Show– Purchase Award:
 Lino Cut
 Ghost of Certaldo

3rd Place:
    Barn Art
1st Place:
    Twin Pools
2nd Place:
    Cast Aluminum
    Solar Eclipse

Merit Awards:
  • Brenda Gear

        Mixed Media

        China Times: A Cultural Continuum

  • Ryan Fox


        St. Peter's Basilica

  • Matthew Egan


        Hello Hilo, Hi

  • Audrey Mott

        Charcoal on Paper

        Queen Anne's Lace

  • Bruce Ziegler


        The Circus

Congratulations to all the artists whose works were juried in National Competitive Exhibition 2019.​​

About Chad Hughes

The art for National Competitive Exhibition 2019 was juried by Chad Hughes from the Chapel Hill-Durham area.​​ To learn more about Chad and see his work, visit his website at

Juror's Statement:

Exhibition opportunities in rural areas tend to fall upon the shoulders of the local arts councils. Through solos shows, group shows and juried shows, arts councils give emerging artists, as well as professional artists the chance to show their works to the public. Throughout the years I have entered many juried shows, I never assume what the juror might be looking for as they jury the show. There are times I am invited to participate and times I am not. Occasionally I am asked to be the juror. I never take the job of looking at artwork and determining its suitability in a show lightly.

I was told approximately 175 pieces were entered into this exhibition. As I looked at all the pieces presented I tried to weigh my initial impression with a more studied approach. Some pieces stood out immediately, why? Was it the color, composition, drawing or handling of the media that drew my attention? I would weigh these concepts as I tried to put together a cohesive yet inclusive group of work. There are many well constructed and beautifully painted works submitted. Many times I looked for the possibility that the artist took a chance, pushed themselves or surprised me with a solution.
Working with students I have explained many times that one juried show should never discourage an artist from continuing an exploration of their subject or media. This was one person’s decision, the next juror may look for completely different elements. To paraphrase Andy Warhol, “Make art, while other people decide if it is good or bad, make more art” --  Chad Hughes