Saturday, January 24, 2015
7:00 p.m.
An Exclusive Concert Event

The Art Center is pleased to present EMILE PANDOLFI, a premier pianist and
Steinway Artist who artfully applies classical technique to Broadway and Popular music. This evening of musical entertainment also features lovely guest vocalist DANA RUSSELL.

“...goes to the music’s very soul.”
- Stereophile Magazine

“...sensitivity and delicious abandon...a consummate entertainer.”
- News and Observer, Raleigh, NC

“Whether knocking out popular movie themes or masterworks of the great 19th century composers, pianist Emile Pandolfi has an amazing command of the instrument...(Pandolfi) will wow you with his tireless energy and musicianship.”
- Peter Manzi - Sounds from the Ground Up

INDIVIDUAL level ($50) members may purchase tickets for the discounted price of $20.
FAMILY/COUPLE level ($100) members will be issued one (1) free ticket with the option to purchase discounted tickets for $20.
PATRON level members and above ($250+) will be given two (2) free tickets with the option to purchase discounted tickets for $20.
A limited number of tickets will be available to the public for $28.

Free and discounted tickets are ONLY available to new members and those renewing membership for 2015. For this deal to apply, a member MUST join or renew for 2015, no later than January 15, 2015. Tickets may be purchased on a first come, first served basis, and sold to members and the public concurrently.

There is limited seating available and ticket reservations are required. Don’t miss out on this special event! Call the Arts Center today — (252) 527-2517!

Update from the Music Trail

The African American Heritage Music project for Lenoir Co. started approximately 8 years ago with the interview and authentic documentation of African American musicians from Lenoir Co. We never dreamed that years later this initial project would spawn numerous gigs for practicing musicians, a variety of educational programs for our K-12 students, an after school jazz mentorship program – one of its kind in North Carolina, the presentation of a myriad of international and national professional touring artists, an international touring visual arts showcase and economic development in the form of increasing patronage in area restaurants and social clubs, enhancement and entranceway projects, and public art projects.

The most tangible to date is the artist designed and fabricated canopy that shelters the bandstand at Pearson Park. This project was completed in May, 2012 by the artistic team of Hanna and Jodi Hollagnel- Jubran. Now there is more visible evidence of the extended project development with the construction work on the music park located at Spring Hill and South Queen Streets. This park is the culmination of a series of public meetings spanning three (3) years. Working with the North Carolina Arts Council, the Community Council for the Arts contracted a landscape architect and an artistic team (selected through an RFQ and RFP process with final choices made by a local committee comprised of musicians, music educators, tourism developers, and community stakeholders).

The work that is occurring now is the infrastructure work for the park – walkways, sound mounds, concrete paths, concrete benches, footings for the landmark sculpture and landscaping. This is the first phase of the project and is funded through a grant from the Golden LEAF Foundation and held by the Community Council for the Arts. Concurrently there is ongoing work in Raleigh of the fabrication of the landmark sculpture designed by artistic team David Yow and Brandon Wilson. The sculpture, paid for by a partnership grant between NC Department of Transportation and the North Carolina Arts Council will most likely be completed and ready for installation by late summer. Stay tuned for more information about the park and the local music project and trail.

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